Saturday, January 14, 2012

Personal work

Green Lantern

Green lantern was a project I was lucky enough to work on for quite a while. First I was hired by Neville Page as a creature designer in the initial blue sky phase, then I worked with Nick Pugh helping out establishing VFX shoots for the movie. My sword construct was actually realized in the film, and my concept was later published on the art of book so I was pretty stoked about that.:) I also worked on it at the Aaron Sims company as a creature designer. Hope you guys like this stuff some of it is kinda bad from 09 while I was still in school but it is what it is. cheers:)

Fable The Journey commercial. Helped bring this project in the initial pitch, and design the corruption and some of the lighting in it.
To check out the commercial copy and paste this link in your browser. enjoy:)
Yep.. worked on this also, doing matte painting concepts of ice landscapes. It was a lot of fun and got some matte painting training. Hope you like, cheers :)

Matte paintings for X Men First Class. this was a small job, but my design made it into the final shot of the movie. I was pretty stoked to see it in theaters.. Its the top image... cheers :)